Philip, a hapless actor, has been swallowed by a whale.

To forestall his impending digestion, he entertains the monster with a quick, dirty and spectacular retelling of the sea beast’s favorite whale tale. Will he make it through all 135 chapters of Melville’s tome? Or does ol’ Big-Dick have a different ending in mind? 

Horse Head is at it again! We’ve got a crazy awesome project in the works — a “whale” of a tale — something that only HH has the “dick” to do. Our venue is extraordinary, our design is explosive and our story is inspired… This new work by Philip Hays, Timothy N. Evers and good ol’ Herman Melville invites YOU to enter the belly of the beast: Moby-Dick. Get swallowed!

IMAGINE a GREAT white “whale” on the banks of Buffalo Bayou:

dome YOU3

This baby is 44′ wide x 22′ tall… we ain’t foolin’ around… AND, it will be a hop and a skip away from Minute Maid Park and the original Ninfa’s on Navigation Blvd.

What makes this project extraordinary?

  • WHALE is a destination experience unique to Houston: located on the banks of Buffalo Bayou, a hop and a skip away from Minute Maid Park AND the original Ninfa’s in 77003;

  • WHALE’s got A GIANT GEO DOME venue;

  • WHALE throws YOU, chum, overboard for a unique and captivating HH experience;

  • and WHALE is a Houston-made work: locally sourced, farm raised, organic and sustainable! Our collaborators include:

Clint Allen, Brett Anders, Logan Sebastian Beck, Bryan Ealey, Timothy N. Evers, Philip Hays, Eric Hester, Kevin Holden, Mat Kubo, Jacey Little, Andrew J. Love, Leah Short, Troy Stanley, Raa’Shane Tansiel, Robert Thoth and Yezminne Zepada




Tim and Kathy Moore


David B. Hays
Marc Melcher


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