JUAREZ will be the first completely original production from Horse Head.  They are creating a play from scratch, their realization of what theatre can and should be. 

Artist and songwriter Terry Allen created a haunting concept album in the 1970’s that has been begging to be theatricalized since its release.  There is no better company to realize this production than Horse Head Theatre Co.  When JUAREZ opens, be ready for experiences like you’ve never imagined.  Be ready for Houston to become an exporter of theatrical art, and a destination city for those wanting to be a part of the very best of American theatre. Be ready for anything.

We successfully reached our Kickstarter goal recently of $12,500 to begin creating this production. This is only one quarter of the funding needed to make this production what it should be: a production worthy of our fans and our city, a production that honors the album, and a truly great work of art. 

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Essential Self-Defense
by Adam Rapp

Horse Head Theatre presents the regional premiere of Essential Self-Defense by company favorite Adam Rapp. Essential Self-Defense is the story of how lone wolf Yul Carrol is pushed to the breaking point by a society that perpetuates fear and mistrust through a barrage of multi-media formats. After meeting Sadie Day, a client at the self defense studio at which he is employed, Yul is introduced to a host of characters all doing the best they can to make sense out of the disappearance of a dozen children from the local middle school. Through the kindness of Sadie and her friends, Yul begins to embrace a humanity that has remained so elusive in his life. His evolution is short lived as suspicions about the whereabouts of the missing children soon find their way to Yul.

In true Horse Head form, the traditional theater seats of Frenetic Theater will be uprooted and replaced with tables and chairs, an additional bar will be available for easy-access beverages inside the performance area, and spectacular scenic elements will embrace the audience into the world of Bloggs, a town in the heartland.
























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